Portable in Bucovina

A few weeks ago I went out for a small holiday in the Bucovina region, Northern Romania. It was the first opportunity to do portable operation this year, so I took with me some of my equipment, hoping for some nice weather to use my toys.

Well, the results were modest. First days was raining all the time, so I was a little discouraged to go out for a portable HF set up. Finally, one day before departure, when me and my YL went for a trip to a famous old monastery, Voronet, 20km away from our place, Vama, Suceava, the weather started to improve, just some drops of rain, so I took my equipment with me.

The setup was:

– FT-817ND, 5W, with factory supply 1400mAh battery. I had also a 2700mAh back-up, but never used;

– LDG Z817 Autotuner;

– Home made Inverted V – Dipole Antenna, 2 x 5m (1.5 sq mm electrical wires).

Throwing the antenna up in the trees

First location was just near the monastery, under an abandoned well.

Operating from the well

From here I made a few QSOs in 20m band with some stations from Europe: Italy , Norway, HB9, two IOTA stations from Denmark etc. Controls were from 52 to 58. After an hour or so it started to get cold so I packed everything and went back to our place.

Antenna packing

Few hours later, when we came back, I went out again up to the wooded hill in the back of our hotel.

Bringing the antenna up

Here I decided to try only the 17m band. And the results were two Kuwait stations.

YO4HHP & FT-817

73’s and QRP is still fun!!!

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3 Responses to Portable in Bucovina

  1. YO3HJV says:

    Welcome to QRP Club!
    Often takes my QRP station in my trips. Not around the world but somehow, around the corner, HI. I made a lot of QSO’s, some were new countries for me like Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon and so on! It’s fun but one has to be carefull when are contests. “No country for QRP” in contests! 73 de YO3HJV!
    Here are some of my recorded portable ops:
    http://yo3hjv.blogspot.ro/2012/08/e-qsl.html and http://yo3hjv.blogspot.ro/2012/05/yo3hjv-portable-in-yoff-164.html both from YOFF-164, Black Sea Coast.

  2. george says:

    do you use coaxial for dipole or ladder line?. very nice photos, good results for QRP, any cw?

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