This weekend: YO DX HF Contest

The YO DX HF Contest will take place at the end of this week, from Saturday 25th at 1200UTC, till Sunday 26th 1159UTC.

I intend to go for a weekend break outside the city, to the Danube village Chiscani, and hope to spend some time working in the contest with my FT-817, 5 Watts and a portable multiband dipole antenna on 20, 15 and 10m. Most I will try working CW, but during daytime I will go also for some SSB mode. My multiplier district will be BR.


Some extracts from the rules:

The contest will take place on 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10m, SSB and/or CW.

There are a lot of category entries to choose from, unfortunately no QRP one, so I will go with my 5 Watts to LP catergory.

F. SO-AB-Mixed-HP  G. SO-SB-Mixed (3,5; 7; 14; 21; 28 MHz, any power)   H. MOST-AB-Mixed
I.  YN (youngster and novice) operators under 16 years of age or with maximum 3 years since the first authorization.

Exchange: DX stations: RST+serial number, YO stations: RST+district.

You can check the districts list here. (Note: in the contest, Bucharest, B, will be BU)

Points for DX stations: QSO with YO 8 points; with DX 4 points; with own continent 2 points; with own DXCC 1 point.

Multipliers: DXCC+YO districts (only once/band, regardless of mode).

Logs to be sent to: within 30 days after the contest.

Full contest rules can be found here for DX stations or here for YO.

Good luck in the contest and hope to give you the 8 points and multiplier 🙂


FT-817 Portable Operation

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