A412 Transceiver. Construction Part 2

Transceiver’s box is starting to take a nice looking shape. After a long break with this project, these days I took some time drilling the front panel and adding all the buttons and connectors. The only thing left to do is the digital scale and the S-meter/PWR meter on the blank upper-right side of the image. This I will probably do in the next week or so.

A412 Transceiver Front

A412 Transceiver Front Panel

On the inside I put all the pots and the two rotary switches, mode and band, on a PCB board with 6mm spacers to the front panel. It was the best solution for the button knobs to come out nicely on the panel.

A412 Panel Inside Board

A412 Panel Inside Board

A412 Panel Mount

A412 Panel Mount

For the digital scale I will use OM3CPH’s LED digital scale project. In the image below there are the 7 digits LED dispalys, a 9mm digit type, common anode. And for the S-meter/Power meter the schematic with LM3914 and a LED bargraph.

A412 Panel Components

A412 Panel Components

Also the “A” and “F” boards are almost  completed. I found a factory made 9Mhz Crystal Filter (made by our defuncted ROMQUARTZ), togheter with side bands crystal. They are already mounted. Probably in the empty space there, for the CW filter, I will put a homemade 9Mhz filter with a bandwidht of about 500Hz.

A412-F Board

A412 Transceiver – F Board

The front-end board, “A412-A”, is about 95% done. I still have to mount 2 more coils for the band pass filter. They are already made, only the holes on the PCB are drilled weird, so I have to make them more large so the coil will fit.

A412-A Board

A412 Transceiver – A Board

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4 Responses to A412 Transceiver. Construction Part 2

  1. Juan Carlos says:

    Very Good Project
    I’d like to build it
    Let me know if you have an extra PCB already done ?

    • Adrian says:

      Hi Juan Carlos,

      Unfortunately I don’t have any extra PCB. Maybe in future if time permits I will make some, but cannot promise.


  2. mvs sarma says:

    Dear Adrian,
    I suppose412A, to be of 5 or more PCBs
    .Whether you can now, (after6 months almost) supply a pcb kit with critical parts,
    an swl from India to get licence soon.

  3. I want pcbs too.

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