QSO stats for 2012

Here is my ham radio traffic summary for the past year. Thanks to ClubLog and my Excel logbook (still looking for the perfect logging software) I managed to make some statistics.

Totally I have worked 833 QSOs and made 72 DXCC countries, around 90% working with my 5W QRP setup, the FT-817 and the 2 x 10m compromise Inverted V antenna, the rest with 10-20W when I had the IC-7000, and only one DXCC, Falkland Is., worked with 100W from the local club.

Stats 2012

More than a half I worked in CW, but those were in contests or IOTA-WFF only. Hope that in the next year I will be more confident and try to make also normal CW QSOs others than the usual “599 TU”.

All time I have 73 DXCC worked, this year made 59 new ones. Now I am looking forward to reach 100, and also to qualify for the Worked All Europe Class I (60 European Entities), now I have 44.

Inverted V Balcony Antenna

Inverted V Balcony Antenna

In the end I wish you all a Happy New Year, best wishes for you and your families and may the 2013 bring to you a lot of new DXs and nice QSOs!

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  1. Pici says:

    Nice job! i think

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