Porta Paddle II – new toy in my shack

My new CW paddle finally arrived from US. I bought this Porta Paddle II from Doug W6AME, American Morse Equipment for 80$, shipping included to DX.

I was looking for a paddle suitable for base and portable operation for my FT-817, and this one seems that it meets both requirements.

The paddle came in as a kit. It takes no more than 10 min to assembly and any other extra tool needed is a small screwdriver. An allen key is included in the kit also.

The base size is 38 x 48 mm, and with the levers, 65 mm long. It is incredibly small, but very solid equipment, made by dural and brass. And the finishing quality is exceptional.

I didn’t ordered the steel base for it (was 38$). I am thinking to mount on top of FT-817 with magnets or on a small plate, for portable, and for home use I will build myself a steel base.

And the keying is very pleasant, after a few QSOs I was already accustomed to.

Some pics:

And a short video keying a CQ:

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