Excel QSO Logging

Every end of the year I update my logbook to online logs and QSL websites like clublog.org, eqsl.cc, hdrlog etc. I like to keep my QSOs in a self made Excel logbook. Before, I tried a dozen of logging softwares, but none of them pleased me. Either they offer to many facilities that I don’t need, either less, anyway I kept stucked to my own Excel logger where I can do whatever I need.

A small print screen how my logbook looks like:

Excel QSO log

Excel QSO log

When I am contesting I use N1MM program, so after every contest I also export the log to ADIF and then to Excel with this fine ADIF to Excel to ADIF converter by DL1HW. Same when uploading the log online I use this converter to generate the entire log in ADIF file type.

One thing I couldn’t managed to figured out at this converter is how to include a “QSL received” column needed by clublog.org to count my confirmed DXCCs. So I found this nice step by step tutorial by AB2RF on how to make your own Excel to ADIF converter, with any ADIF information you want.

Now next on my list, before our club annual QSL bureau sending in october, is to generate print labels, same from my Excel log. Was a real pain last year to hand write over 300 cards 🙂

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1 Response to Excel QSO Logging

  1. Bas PE4BAS says:

    With so many loggers around I think you’re absolutely right in using your own excel file. Personally I prefer HRD version 4 for logging, It has all what I want. But I can imagine you want to put in some fields that can’t be implemented to a standard logger. Besides that excel has some nice filters. 73, Bas

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