InoReader, the chosen one?

I have a collection of about one hundred (and more to come) websites and blogs which I follow regularly via RSS feed readers, most of them, ham radio related. Couple of years ago, I discovered Google Reader, one of the best and simple RSS reader, but as you already know, they stopped running this service from July last year and since then, a dozen of alternatives were available on the web. I tried also a couple of those, but none of them suits my needs till recently.

I began with Feedly, but it was rubbish. So were Feedspot, The Old Reader etc. Eventually I found Netvibes and I was using it about 4-5 months, but this one had also some big cons. It was working hard, the feeds were updated with some big delay, sometimes, from no reason they were marked again as unread, and most important, no search function (or I couldn’t found it). There are times when I remember reading something at someone’s blog, but I forgot that blog’s name. Typing a keyword in the search box helps a lot by searching throughout all the feeds read.

A few weeks ago I found InoReader. So far for me is the best alternative for Google Reader. It is fast, quick refresh of the feeds, easy to organize the subscriptions, loads also older feeds, even it looks like GR and it has that search function. I hope I will stick to this one from now on.



73′ Adrian

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