Minima Transceiver

Looks like a new QRP transceiver design came from Ashhar Farhan, the creator of BitX. It is a general coverage HF rig, with Si570 oscillator controlled by Arduino and both CW and SSB mode working, that can cost up to 100$ all new parts.

An interesting design approach at this transceiver is the high IF of 20 Mhz, the VFO mixer and the front-end filter, that uses two low pass filters, for operating between 0-15 MHz, respectively 15-30Mhz.

All the information regarding the design and how it works can be found on Farhan’s Minima Transceiver page.
And the discussion group at

Made me curious to build it, so I am already working on a PCB design 🙂

Minima Transceiver

Minima Transceiver Schematic

A video found on youtube with a Minima prototype:

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2 Responses to Minima Transceiver

  1. when the PCB design is finished can you please forward me a copy of the file? I am intrigued and wonder what will happen when paired with a Galileo.

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