Minima build log #1 – Populating the boards

Read first! I am no longer building this transceiver. Please check other interesting projects from Farhan on the discussion group, like HF-1 Transceiver, the replacement of the Minima and some cool RF jigs, Specan and Sweeperino. Also, since I’ve lost from both server and my drive the Eagle files of the PCBs, they will be no more available. Minima has become discontinued, check the group for more details. I will still keep the pdf files here for download for anyone still interested in hacking the rig.

First episode about building my Minima transceiver.
A few days ago I started to etch the boards and plant some components, and for the moment it looks super nice!

I just soldered all the resistors, except the two 22 ohms in the audio amplifier, and some caps, jumpers etc.

Minima Transceiver

Minima Main Board

Still waiting for the Si570 from which I have ordered more than a month, although they said it was shipped on 30th of January.

Also the 100 pcs 20 MHz crystals from China!

Minima Main Board

Minima Transceiver

I noticed that I didn’t left to much space for the electrolytic caps on the board, and if using bigger diameter type (6 mm), like I did here for the 47 uF ones, they touch other components. So I suggest using caps rated at lower voltage, like 25 V, even 16 V, with small diameter. The PCB design have 5 mm space for them.

Minima Transceiver

Minima Digital Board

Next to do is to finish the shopping cart for the rest of components and place the order.

Enjoy homebrewing!

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7 Responses to Minima build log #1 – Populating the boards

  1. Juan Carlos Berberena Glez says:

    Hi Folks How Can I get all the information about MINIMA. I couldn’t open CAD file with the Eagle. Thank you in advance Jc

  2. Sunil says:

    great going De vu2swx

  3. What size Crystal Oscillator’s did you get? Also are that 1/8 watt resistors?

    • Adrian says:

      I have ordered low profile crystals, HC-49S from ebay. Must go this days to pick them up.
      Yes, 1/8 resistors or in some places they are called 1/4W sub-miniature.

  4. I’m still trying to track down a source for a board as I would love to get one built and help with the software.

  5. cees says:

    help needed pd0nad when i startup the display it give reset factory

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