First Milestone – 50 DXCC Paper QSL

Couple of days ago, with the last bureau QSL patch arrived, my confirmed paper QSL entities list reached to the nice round number of 50. Its a small step in my hamradio activity, but the first important one towards reaching 100, 150 and so on.

50 DXCC QSL Collection

50 DXCC QSL Collection

I am licensed since 2003, but just from only two years ago, in 2012, I started to take it more serious, setting up a base station and antenna at home, working at least every week, mainly in weekend contests, holiday portable, WFF etc. In total, from 2012, I have made about 1800 QSOs, 99.9% of them QRP, and 86 DXCC countries worked. 

From the whole 50 entities confirmed, only two were non-QRP, ZA, Albania, and VP8, Falkland Islands, worked with 100W from the local club, so 52 more needed to get the DXCC QRP Award 🙂

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4 Responses to First Milestone – 50 DXCC Paper QSL

  1. John AE5X says:

    Congrats Adrian – I think you will finish DXCC this winter as conditions get better. Good luck!

  2. Good job man, doing it in QRP is a real challenge. You can get there faster by using low-signal digital modes like JT65 or JT9 ;).

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