Rockmite 20 – Going for QRPp

Today arrived my Rockmite 20 kit from Kanga Products, the EU distributor of QRPme kits, and I can’t wait to start building it! The kit includes a lot of accessories, mods for 1W power output, pots, connectors, everything you need to make the RM working, except the case, which I have already procured from other source.

Rockmite kit from Kanga UK

Rockmite kit from Kanga UK

First step I want to use it like it is, original schematic, and later on I want to try some mods like adding Amidon toroids to the LP filter, small tunning with varicap and pot, and two frequencies switchable ranges, 14.050 & 14.060 kHz. I already have a pair of 14.060 QRP crystals in my shack, so I have ordered the 14.050 version from Kanga.

And this is the case, about 105 x 35 x 75 mm, aluminium two U shell box. I have ordered from TME a couple of months ago, but I see now there are no more in their catalog.

Rockmite Aluminium Box

Rockmite Aluminium Box

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1 Response to Rockmite 20 – Going for QRPp

  1. kq8x says:

    Looking forward to seeing how your Rockmite turns out.

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