Africa All Mode DX Contest

Great news in ham radio contests community and to DX chasers as well. This year, next weekend actually, is the first edition of Africa All-mode International DX Contest, hosted by SARL (South African Radio League), a DX contest where everybody can work any country, but contacts with African DXCC entities will count for higher points.


Official Contest website:
SARL (South African Radio League):
More infos at SARL Contest Manual 2015

Rules in summary:

14 to 15 March 20015, 1200-1200 UTC; Bands 160-10 m (no WARC); CW, SSB and RTTY;
Power: High, Low, QRP; Exchange RST+001; Points: 10 pts with AF, 1 pt with other; Multipliers are only AF entities.
Logs to be sent to:

Hope to make some time this weekend to try it out, even if I will be very busy with other stuff. Have a great AF DX hunting!

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  1. Please log recieved………???

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