YOFF-203 & Mobile HF Antenna, Proxel PRO-X1

Last weekend I did some mobile antennas experiments on the field. I have in my shack two of them, one “don’t remember brand” dual band VHF/UHF and one HF antenna, Proxel PRO-X1, which I never use them before.

The PRO-X1 is the italian version of the MFJ-1699 and the australian Outbacker. It consist of 2 parts whip, one fixed and one collapsible on a certain height regarding the band, and a multi tap base loading coil. Total height goes to about 184 cm.

Proxel PRO-X1, HF Mobile Antenna

Proxel PRO-X1, HF Mobile Antenna

So, on Saturday late afternoon I have set up my car, installed the antenna, put the whip to max length, taped to 20M band, wired the FT-817, its “super” SWR meter looked good and made the first try. First contact was a Cretan station on SSB. I was surprised it worked with that tiny stick and 5W!

Later on I began working in ARI DX Contest. In the next hour I was at about 20 QSOs on 20M, both SSB and CW, all European stations, but more easily worked then with my cherry tree dipole. I then switched to 15M band, just changing the tap, no whip adjustment. Same, the “ultimate” SWR meter of the FT-817 looked ok. After two contacts, the big one came. I was hearing PY5QW on SSB, called him once and for my surprise he came back with my full callsign copied. Didn’t believe it, 11000 km from Brazil with 1.5 m antenna and 5W/SSB. Ok, then I cheked his QRZ page and saw his antennas… Next was a new country for me, GU, Guernsey Island. Totally, in about two-three hours I have made over 40 contacts in the contest.

Mobile FT-817 Setup

Mobile FT-817 Setup

Next day I went to a nearby location and activated the YOFF-203 zone in World Flora and Fauna Program. A group of salt lakes near Balta Alba village. In about 30 minutes I have managed to make about 47 contacts on 20M SSB with the HF mobile antenna.

YOFF-203, Amara Lake

YOFF-203, Amara Lake

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