New QTH, new Country

In the past months since my last post here I was off from any hobbies, radio or electronics projects, just a day on my summer holiday at Hamradio Friedrichshafen, which sadly I haven’t wrote anything, only a photo album made.

Well, from now on, at least for the next two years, I will be operating as IV3/YO4HHP/P and who knows, maybe with a full Italian callsign in the near future. I have been transferred with the job within our company group here in Trieste, in the North-Eastern part of Italy.

Trieste - photo:

Trieste – photo:

I couldn’t stay away from the radio virus, so I carried out with me on the plane the FT-817 with its accessories, a few Arduino modules to experiment, some home made RF measurement equipment, and an assortment of components, SMD, ICs, toroids etc. Unfortunately no tools, just a tiny plier and a screwdriver, so I have to get new ones from here.

FT-817, shack

Newly  “poor” Shack

Luckly for me, the owner of the apartment I rented here is a big football fan and he used to hang his team flag outside, so I have inherited this useful flag support to use it, of course, as an antenna support. I was thinking about the MP-1 Super Antenna will fit best here. Meanwhile, I will just hang some wires to this BNC-Banana adapter for fun and checking out the bands on Rx.

Antenna Support

Antenna Support

I have already identified some ham radio activity here, saw a few YAGI beams on some buildings, there is also a radioclub in the city, 9A and S5 are very near, meaning a lot of SOTA, WFF, IOTA posibilities, so no excuses to waste time!

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3 Responses to New QTH, new Country

  1. Sim000n says:

    I’m in JN65UM on the other side of the bay, I’d be happy to make a contact with you on VHF/UHF 🙂

    • Adrian says:

      Hi, near Koper no? I understood there is repeater in Muggia on 145.600 so easy to speak over the hill. Anyway, when I will set up here antennas etc I will get in touch. Tnx, Adrian

      • Sim000n says:

        Yep, that repeater on 145.600 is very easy to open, used mostly by the IV3 side though.

        I usually hang around on the repeater near Izola -> S55VIZ – 145,7625Mhz or on the defacto local simplex frequency for the Slovenian coast 145.550Mhz (which is also the SOTA calling frequency, but it’s lately been getting slightly too chilly for activations).

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