IOTA Contest on Cres Island, EU-136

Just a quick post because I am too lazy these days to write, holiday is near…
Last weekend I was on a small trip to Cres Island, EU-136 in Croatia and worked as 9A/YO4HHP for a couple of hours in IOTA contest. The location was a wild beach called Meli, or Spiaggia dei 7 cancelli (Beach of the 7 gates), named so because you have to walk around 30 minutes passing 7 gates (but I think there were 10 actually).

9A/YO4HHP, from Cres Island EU-136 IOTA Contest 2016

9A/YO4HHP, from Cres Island EU-136 IOTA Contest 2016

The antenna was a 5 m fishpole with a radial very close to the water. Funny how I could hear the motor boats spark plugs into the receiver when they were sailing away. Other than this, the reception was fantastic with the salt sea/ground nearby and without any city RF noise.

Meli Beach, Cres Island

Meli Beach, Cres Island. Internet says is a sandy beach. Probably was couple of years ago. Now there are pebbles

Couple of QSOs made both on SSB and CW with Europe and Africa only on 20m/5W. Lots of island station were active from all over the Europe. An interesting and active contest.

9A/YO4HHP, Cres Island, Meli

9A/YO4HHP, Cres Island, Meli




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